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About Dens in Dente

At Dens in Dente, we aim to provide high quality comprehensive dental care to the entire family, from children’s dentistry, routine preventative dentistry to a wide range of complex restorative treatments.

We respectfully offer our professional dental services and personal attention customized to the specific need of each unique patient.

Our goal is to develop enduring professional relationships with all of our patients. We hope that you will come to check us out very soon.



Dr. Thien-Nhien NguyenDr. Thien-Nhien Nguyen, BMedSc, BDent (Sydney University)

Since graduation, Thien-Nhien has been practicing general dentistry across New South Wales, South Australia, Western Australia and the Northern Territory and has spent short times working overseas in Vietnam, Cambodia and India. Along the way, Thien-Nhien is fortunate to be further trained by highly skilled, highly accomplished and widely successful dental practitioners and by other support service providers within the industry.

Thien-Nhien is a registered general dentist with the Dental Board of Australia and a member of the ADA. Inc and ADA(NSW).


Why Choose Us


Do you have a:

  • bad experience with dentists as a child
  • dental anxiety
  • fear of needle, of dentist and of anything to do with dentist and dental surgery
  • badly broken tooth or filling
  • facial swelling
  • knock in the face with bleeding, loose teeth, bruise jaws, dislocated jaws
  • dissatisfaction about the appearances of your teeth and smile
  • bad bite
  • sore and bleeding gums
  • sore tooth
  • broken, loose or ill-fitting dentures
  • broken or ugly looking crown or bridgework
  • crooked teeth
  • missing teeth
  • loose tooth
  • misaligned teeth
  • crowded teeth
  • decayed teeth
  • broken down teeth
  • worn out teeth
  • sensitive teeth
  • receding gums
  • general unhappiness about your teeth and your gums but don’t know how to express your feelings
  • dental or facial injuries caused by playing contact sports without any protective mouth-guard
  • bad oral and dental health caused by underlying chronic medical conditions and chronic use of medications
  • difficulty with mobility and transport due to existing physical impairment
  • speech impairment
  • visual impairment
  • difficulty with understanding and making yourself understood to others
  • grinding and clenching problems
  • sore jaw joints from grinding and clenching problems
  • and many more other dental problems

then give us a call on 02 8399 3661. We can help you.



  • comprehensive treatment options
  • high quality professional dental care at a reasonable cost
  • a wide range of dental treatments
  • digital dental XRAYs – faster result, better quality and lowest exposure to radiation
  • stringent infection control
  • open disclosure with our patients about the benefits and risks of each recommendation
  • wheel-chair access
  • pleasant, relaxing and warm atmosphere for you and your family
  • gentle and meticulous care to ensure your total need will be well looked after in absolute trust
  • compassion, empathy and limitless patience to ensure we fully comprehend your problems
  • we offer a wide range of solutions to your problems to suit your dental budgets
  • referral to other dental specialists if we do not have the expertise and knowledge to give you the highest and best quality care convenient access to public transport
  • advanced technology
  • modern, ultra-hygienic environment
  • brand new surgery in compliant with Australian Standards
  • smoke free environment